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Virtual Reality Infographic
Check out our infographic highlighting the amazing home shopping experiences builders can create when they use the latest in Virtual Reality technology. Post Date: 03/02/2016
INFOGRAPHIC: Home Buyer Demographics
This infographic takes a deep dive into the demographic trends in the U.S. and consumer research to see what the future of housing looks like for the country. Post Date: 11/23/2015
INFOGRAPHIC: Demographic Profile
Curious who is viewing your listings and how qualified they may be?  Use our demographic profile to take a deeper look at the traffic to our sites. Post Date: 10/28/2015
INFOGRAPHIC: Digital Transformation
Today's shoppers are making the most of their shopping trips by turning them into experiences...with the addition of in-store beacons and personalization, the sky is the limit!  Learn more about digital transformations with our infographic. Post Date: 09/08/2015
INFOGRAPHIC: New Home Source Records
New Home Source attracts the most qualified new home shoppers anywhere! Check out our latest infographic on what listing on can do for you! Post Date: 07/13/2015
INFOGRAPHIC: Luxury Homebuyers
A luxury consumer is a consumer who is increasingly mobile, tech-savvy, cash focused, socially conscious and less concerned with status.  Learn more about luxury homebuyers with our infographic. Post Date: 07/09/2015
INFOGRAPHIC: Envision Life Cycle
Envision supports every stage of the home buying process, from searching for a home to living in the new home. Post Date: 06/18/2015
INFOGRAPHIC: All About Millennials
With nearly 24% of the population classified as Millennials, are you prepared to sell them the dream of home ownership? Learn more about this demographic with our infographic. Post Date: 12/17/2014
INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Reasons to List with BDX
Are you listing with BDX? Read on to check out our top 10 reasons on why you should be listing with BDX! Post Date: 11/21/2014
INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Sales Tools
Mobile Sales Tools are quickly becoming popular in sales centers. Is your sales team armed with the tools they need to sell more homes? Learn more about utilizing tablets in the selling process! Post Date: 11/17/2014

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