Our BDX research team is ready to help you answer the questions that will drive your business forward. From our research studies on themes and ideas that impact the industry to our Insights Panel that answers your specific business questions, we’ve got you covered.

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Buyer Journey Study

Get unprecedented insight into the New Home Buyer Journey

BDX recently studied new home shoppers, spanning buying demographics and geographies. The study was commissioned to understand the specific (and shifting) goals and challenges of new home shoppers and buyers throughout their purchase cycle. We followed new home shoppers as they conducted research; visited model homes; and met with builders and communities to learn about their goals, activities, needs, and pain points.

Consumer Research Panel

Our consumer research panel includes thousands of users sharing their insights to help improve the shopping and building experience for all new home shoppers.

Custom Research

We perform custom research for a variety of topics and areas using our panels and a variety of techniques to get the best information possible. Reach out to us so that we can fulfill your research needs.

Our experience working with home builders allows our team to give you a unique perspective and achieve the best results.

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