3D Matterport Tours Bring Your Homes to LIfe

Matterport Tours provide the most immersive, lifelike, and egaging digital experience of your homes available online, through state-of-the-art techonology. 

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Immersive. Clear. Engaging.

BDX consistently delivers high quality 3D tours to make sure your homes stand out:

  1. We shoot the entire home create a complete model and minimize black spaces on 3D and floor plan views.
  2. We apply extreme attention to detail when trimming the model to create straight lines and cleaner edges.
  3. BDX offers builder-specific package add-ons.
  4. We spend more time onsite to ensure you receive a virtual product that you can be just as proud of as you are of your “brick and mortar” homes.

These are just a few of the ways to use Matterport Tours:

  1. Home Tours
  2. Design Center Tours
  3. Amenities and Community Highlights
  4. Pre-Drywall

Available Add-ons for Matterport Packages


Mattertags are text-based comments anchored to a point in the 3D space to provide rich contextual detail about the products or materials in your homes while a viewer is navigating within the virtual model!

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Glide Cam Videos

Glide cam videos offer a seamless video of your homes or communities. This option provides a perfect angle to showcase the best features of your homes. 

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HDR Photography

Shooting multiple exposures in one room and combining them into a single image creates the perfect balance of light for the interior and exterior of the

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Home Tours

3D Matterport Tours allow users to explore the house at their own pace, at any time. This lets buyers experience a house, whether they are just at home shopping or they are relocating and unable to see the house in person. With Matterport Tours, your prospects can see every part of their potential new home. 

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Design Center Tours

Virtual tours have multiple applications in the marketing and homebuilding processes. Why not use a 3D Matterport Tour to allow buyers to tour your design center? During the buying process, enabling people to explore their choices in colors, textures, and materials for flooring, fixtures, and other options is a richer experience than comparing bulleted lists.

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Pre-Drywall Tours

Buyers are wowed by Matterport’s immersive 3D experiences. But you should also consider using Matterport Tours during the construction process to demonstrate the wiring, plumbing, and other interior elements before drywall is in place. This investment can be a valuable resource down the line and save time and money by painting a clear picture of what is “behind the walls”.

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Let your buyers experience your tours!

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